I think as real estate entrepreneurs, we fall short of what we can achieve because we don’t declare that which we want to be or achieve.

I interviewed Paul Hutchings on Podcasts Episode 19. He spoke about a complete transformation of his personal and professional life after having begun affirming that which he wanted to be and achieve.

He was literally living in a trailer home with his wife, barely getting by. After having re-read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he began his daily affirmations. One of his affirmations was that he would  make $3,000 per month from his internet business. He said it took many weeks for him to believe his own affirmations and 6 months for his affirmations to become reality.

Perhaps it’s possible that we hold ourselves back simply by thinking small. If we could start thinking bigger, maybe our reality would expand to fill the size of our dreams.

Is it possible that we can determine our own reality with our mind?

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