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Below is an archive of all of my apartment building investing videos.

How a Small Apartment Building Made Me $40,000/Yr (Video)

In this video post, I want to demonstrate to you the incredible power of apartment buildings. By using a real case study, I'll show you how I added $40,000 per year to my net worth with a small 12-unit apartment building. I hope it will inspire you to take a closer...

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How To Get Paid To Bird-Dog Multifamily Deals (Video)

I believe multifamily investing is one of the best real estate strategies to achieve your financial goals because they generate passive income and long-term wealth. Looking for a way to get started with multifamily investing without...

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The Dark Side of Passive Income

Passive income is and should be our financial goal. But no one ever told me about the dark side of passive income. Here are some lessons learned.

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Bigger is Better

Many investors think they should do small deals first. In this article, I argue why bigger is better in regards to apartment building investing.

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I'm Frustrated with Multifamily Investing (What To do About It?)

After hours of finding a deal, putting it under contract, and doing due diligence, I decided to terminate the contract because the numbers didn't work out. Frustrating. I'm sharing this with you for two reasons: To encourage you: you're not alone! Even the teacher...

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Crowdfunding to Raise Money for your Commercial Real Estate Deals

A few weeks back I attended the REI Expo at the National Harbor in Washington DC, an amazing venue. One thing that was unusual for me was the potential for using crowdfunding to fund larger, buy and hold commercial real estate deals. If you're looking for an overview...

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