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Bigger is Better

Many investors think they should do small deals first. In this article, I argue why bigger is better in regards to apartment building investing.

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The 50% Rule to Quickly Analyze an Apartment Building Investing Deal

Imagine you get in a deal from one of your brokers. Now what ….?

If you’re anything like me when I first got started, I didn’t look forward to analyzing the deal because I knew it would take me hours. I found that if you don’t get back to the broker within a few days with some feedback, they’ll stop taking you seriously and may stop feeding you deals.

Instead, what we need to do is to quickly analyze the deal to answer the question “what is the most I would pay for this deal, and why?” and get back to the broker as quickly as possible.

In this post’s how-to video, I use the Syndicated Deal Analyzer with the “50% Rule” to quickly analyze an apartment building deal as it comes in.

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