Raising Private Money to Fund Your Commercial Real Estate Deals

Learn all about how to raise money from private individuals. Once you acquire this skill, the sky is the limit!

How to Build Wealth with IRAs (The Right Way)

Most people, even savvy real estate investors, underestimate the amount of money an IRA can save over time. Initially small accounts can grow into very large accounts, especially in combination with leverage.

True or False? Find the Deal and the Money will Follow

Newbies are told they can get started with real estate investing by “finding the deal and the money will follow”.  But is it really true? Let’s say you have some real estate experience (SFH flips or rentals) and you decide that you want to get build...

The 3 Habits of Successful Apartment Building Entrepreneurs

Many investors want to get into apartment buildings. They rightly view it as a way to achieve their financial goals and they recognize that any other investing strategy (such as single family houses) will simply take too long. Some of those investors actually take...
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