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MB 065: The 7-Hour Book – With Nick Raithel

We all have a story to tell, and we know that being a published author pays huge dividends in terms of credibility. Listen in to my interview with Nick Raithel of 7-Hour Book and learn how you can reap the benefits of publishing a book of your own!

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MB 060: How to Survive (and Thrive) the Next Crash

What goes up must come down, and a number of experts predict an economic recession in the not-so-distant future. Listen in as I share insight from the recent Real Estate Guys 15th Annual Summit at Sea that will allow you to not only survive a would-be crash, but thrive and prosper despite it.

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MB 036: How to Pay Less Taxes (With John Hyre)

John Hyre joins us today to teach us how to save on taxes and survive IRS audits by following these 4 simple bookkeeping best practices. You’ll also learn how to avoid these 5 mistakes when wetting up your real estate entity.

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MB 018: Unlocking Unlimited Investor Capital with IRA Money

Listen in as national speaker and educator John Bowens teaches how to use your investors’ IRA accounts to invest in your multifamily apartment deals. Learn what to do and what not to do and how to explain it in simple terms so that your investors say YES to investing in your deals!

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MB 011: Learn from Your Mistakes To Become a Successful Commercial Real Estate Investor – With Spencer Cullor

http://www.TheMichaelBlank.com/session11: In this episode I talk with Spencer Cullor who chronicles how he got started with commercial real estate investing. After educating himself, he got into his first commercial real estate deal which didn’t pan out the way he imagined. He stuck with it, licked his wounds, and learned from his experiences and got into apartment buildings, and he’s never looked back.

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MB 007: How To Find Your First (Out-of-Area) Multi-Family Property Deal

http://www.TheMichaelBlank/session7: In this episode I cover how to go about getting your first deal in an area you’ve never been in. We’ll talk about cold-calling brokers, building trust, analyzing deals, scheduling the first trip to the area, conducting the meetings, and follow-up. Be sure to download the free eBook “How to Raise Money to Buy Your First Apartment Building”. Thanks for listening!

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MB 006: Creating Value with Apartment Buildings with Tommy Bateman

I’m excited to be able to welcome Tommy Bateman to the show this week. Tommy started his career with a single town house in SE Washington DC that he bought with the help of his grandmother. His focus as been to find problem properties and add value in a short period of time, using the equity he creates to purchase more real estate. Today he owns apartment buildings, rentals, a property management company, and he loves development projects.

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MB 005: From Full Time Job to Apartment Empire with Brian Burke

Brian Burke started flipping houses on the side while still employed full time. Over the years, he’s not only built the house flipping business but amassed several hundred multi-family apartment building units. Let’s listen to his story!

For more free articles, podcasts, and videos about apartment building investing, please visit TheMichaelBlank.com.

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MB 003: How to Analyze Apartment Building Deals

In this episode, my good friend Jonathan Mickles asks me a 101 questions about analyzing apartment building investing deals, and how to do so as quickly as possible. We talk about investment criteria, returns, the 50% rule, how to value commercial real estate, and how... read more

MB 002: How I Got Started with Apartment Building Investing

In this Podcast episode, I talk about my story of how I started my apartment building investing career by buying a 12-unit building with a handful of investors. It took 5 months to close and then the fun started. People warned me about investing in Washington DC, but... read more

MB 001: Introduction | About Michael | What to Expect

Hi everyone, and welcome to my first Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. It’ll also be available on iTunes soon. In this first episode, I introduce myself and talk about some of my entrepreneurial ventures... read more
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