Ways to Make Money with Commercial Real Estate

This section contains different business models to make money with apartment buildings.

How a Small Apartment Building Made Me $40,000/Yr (Video)

In this video post, I want to demonstrate to you the incredible power of apartment buildings. By using a real case study, I’ll show you how I added $40,000 per year to my net worth with a small 12-unit apartment building. I hope it will inspire you to take a...

MB 044 – The Rise of the AirBnB Multifamily Investor

The multi-family market is hot right now making it harder to find good deals. Finding a way to charge above market rents is one strategy that allows us to buy properties at market and still get the returns we are looking for.

The Problem with Thinking Big

You absolutely need to think big to be successful. But make sure you follow this advice or you’ll never get out of the gate.

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