Finding Apartment Building Deals

In this section you’ll find tips and tricks for finding your next apartment building deal.

How To Get Paid To Bird-Dog Multifamily Deals (Video)

I believe multifamily investing is one of the best real estate strategies to achieve your financial goals because they generate passive income and long-term wealth. Looking for a way to get started with multifamily investing without cash or experience? Then consider...

How to Know When an Apartment Deal is a Good Deal

How do you know if an apartment building is a good deal? In this article, I give you the 3 main indicators and rules of thumbs to find out. You’re interested in apartment building investing and you see a bunch of multifamily properties for sale on loopnet. Maybe...

The 3 Habits of Successful Apartment Building Entrepreneurs

Many investors want to get into apartment buildings. They rightly view it as a way to achieve their financial goals and they recognize that any other investing strategy (such as single family houses) will simply take too long. Some of those investors actually take...

MB 007: How To Find Your First (Out-of-Area) Multi-Family Property Deal

http://www.TheMichaelBlank/session7: In this episode I cover how to go about getting your first deal in an area you’ve never been in. We’ll talk about cold-calling brokers, building trust, analyzing deals, scheduling the first trip to the area, conducting the meetings, and follow-up. Be sure to download the free eBook “How to Raise Money to Buy Your First Apartment Building”. Thanks for listening!

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