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4 Steps to Perform a Rent Survey for Your Investment Property

Getting a handle on the prevailing market rents is critical for the business plan of your rental or multifamily property. Your property’s rents may be under market, but how do you know for sure? What rents should you use for your financial projections? What kind of...

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MB 143: Awakening to Your True Purpose & Potential – With Keith Elias

As aspiring multifamily investors, we’re all working toward financial freedom. But to what end? What is your true purpose? Why were you created? Today, former NFL player Keith Elias joins me to offer insight around defining your core values, awakening to your true potential, and building a life and legacy of significance!

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Offers on Apartment Buildings

Are you wondering at what point in the process of evaluating apartment building deals you make an offer and what that looks like? It might seem a bit of a mystery, but let’s shed some light on the matter. What exactly does it mean to “make an offer”? Is it verbal or...

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MB 142: 3 Tips to Help You Crush It in 2019 – With Michael Blank

Is 2019 the year you finally get on the road to financial freedom with multifamily real estate? Today, I’m sharing my top 3 tips to crush it in 2019, from getting clear on your goals and scheduling intentional time to work toward them to taking tiny action and celebrating the small WINS along the way!

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The Top 4 Multifamily Investor Questions

As an aspiring multifamily syndicator, you may need a little guidance when it comes to pitching your first deal. How do you introduce an opportunity to potential investors? Does it matter what you discuss first? What questions are they most likely to ask? Let’s think...

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Should You Use Money From Friends & Family for Investing?

You’re afraid that friends and family will never talk to you again if a deal goes bad. Should you take their money to fund your real estate deals? We don’t want to take money from our family and friends because we’re afraid. We’re afraid that we might lose our...

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How to Find Investors To Fund Your Real Estate Deals

I’ve been writing about buying apartment buildings with money from private individuals. Someone had asked me “How do you find local investors that are interested in discussing deals?”. Great question, let’s talk about it! For several years before getting involved with...

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MB 133: Designing a Life of Balance – With Ken McElroy

If you ask people to reflect on their regrets, no one ever mentions money or work. Rather, their focus tends toward relationships. Today, Ken McElroy joins me to explain how he has designed a life of balance that allows him to scale a successful real estate business AND be fully present with his family.

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4 Ways Adversity Makes Us Better Versions of Ourselves

Before I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2005, I felt like I had succeeded at everything up to that point: I had a well-paying job at a software company, I enjoyed traveling with my wife, and we had our first baby on the way. But unlike so many successful people I...

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The Secret To Raising Money To Buy Your First Apartment Building

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