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  • Hi Alex,
    Yes, the lenders I’ve worked with do non-recourse loans.

  • Alex Picazo

    Are you able to make any intros?

  • Ricardo Yey Lopez

    Thank you

  • Mike, here’s some feedback from one of the lenders I’m building a relationship with:

    We can grant Ken debt financing for 4.75-5.50 over the LIBOR, which would fall in the 6% – 7.40% range today.

    We can’t offer financing until we understand the organizational structure of the ownership entity. We would really like to see Ken have at least 20% ownership interest (25% would be even better) and be the managing member. He needs to make sure he has the authority to make financing decisions when they create the entity.

    Please advise. – Ken

  • kelvin ayres

    hi Michael do you also work with mobile home park investors?

  • Ben Wofford


    I have a couple different questions that cover different topics.

    Question 1: Let’s say you have five investors to fund a deal you found. You find that the equity split would best be 50/50. 50% for the manger and 50% for the investors. Since there are five investors, how should the investors split their 50% equity? I don’t understand this. Does each investor only get 10%?

    My second question is about the Ultimate Apartment Investing Course.

    Question 2: Does the course contain exclusive content that can’t be located outside of the course? I ask this because I’ve noticed you write many informative blog articles that cover just about everything related to multifamily investing.

    Question 3: Last but not least, are you planning on doing a black Friday sale on your products?

    Thanks for your time.

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